Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finished some Layouts for challenges!

I decided to get my Haircut for my 45th birthday (8/10/2010)! This is the before and after pictures along with a list of all the gifts I received from family members.

I created it for the Monochromatic Purple Challenge with a twist of 3 ribbons.

This layout is of my son and my dog in May 2007!

I created it for the August Pet Challenge and the scraps challenge of using 2 sheets of stickers! 

I finally scraped my Mom's passing by Breast Cancer after 14 years have gone by. I have had the papers to do this for at least 6 years but never committed myself to finishing it. Thanks to this months Monochrome Pink challenge it is done and now future generations will know and see her loving smile.

My step grand-daughter, Kyla, didn't understand why her sister, Karrissa, got a whole cake for her first birthday and that I took lots of pictures to Scrap about it. Soooo I took pictures of her before and after tantrum and scrapped it too!

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