Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My July Scrapbooking & Cardmaking Challenges

Scrapbooking & Cardmaking Challenges are my new obsession. I discovered them in May and they have motivated me to get so many cards and layouts done that I am constantly looking at more sites challenges to see what I can create next.

Here are my challenges I am currently trying to complete on Scrapbook.com:

*2010 challenge 24/50 layouts (this is for the whole year)

*Use your Scraps layout - Done!
*Military Layout - Done!
*2 Page Layout - Done!
*Baby 5 layouts - Done 2 so far!
*Scrap your Pet Layout -Done!
*Heritage Layout - Done!
*No Pattern Paper Layout - Done!
*Patriot Layout - Done!
*Shades of Grey Layout - Done!
*Summertime Fun 5 Layouts - Done 1 so far!
*No Challenge Layout - Done!
*Scrap your Favorites Layout - Done!
*Negative Space Layout - Done!
*Flowers and Bling Layout - Done!
*Monochromatic Layout -Done week 3!

Check them all out at Scrapbook.com Just A Pac Rats Place and don't forget to add me as a friend!!


  1. Wow you are way ahead of me, I have several more to do and only 2 more weeks! Great job!!

  2. way to go! You got a lot done! I to have become obsessed with challenges you are a great inspiration!


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